• Mortgage calculator

    A mortgage calculator will give you an estimate of the payments you will have to make. You will be able to choose the payment frequency as well as the amortization period. It is important to note that this tool should be used solely for information purposes. Your realtor will properly guide you so that you can get a more accurate result that best applies to your situation.

  • Property transfer tax calculator

    The property transfer tax (or welcome tax) is entrenched in the Act respecting duties on transfers of immovables, chapter D-15.1. In addition to the property transfer tax, some municipalities impose another tax that is calculated on the basis of a percentage of the property purchase. There are also characteristics specific to each transaction that can affect the cost of the property transfer tax. Your realtor will see you through the inner workings of these calculations.

    The property transfer tax calculator should be used solely to get a rough approximation of the welcome tax. Results do not include the specificities of each Quebec cities.

  • Net Residual calculator
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